Metal processing

Shot peening

Cleaning level ISO 8501-1:2007

Class Sa 2½

Maximum size of the product

650 x 1550 x 12500 mm

Shot blasting can be performed on profiles and sheets with a maximum length of 12500 mm. The minimum thickness of sheet material (sheets and parts) is 6 mm and the minimum size is 100×100 mm.

Metal processing


Thickness of the sheet material 3-25 mm

Maximum width of the product 4200 mm

Maximum bending

At thickness of 25 mm, maximum width 1000 mm

For bending we use ALIKO 4200-400 bending press

Lower tools:
4200 mm (16/22/35/50)
4200 mm (50/80/120/160)
2500 mm (106/110)
3200 mm (40/60/81)

Upper tools:
4×1050 mm (R5, R10, R15, R20)

Metal processing


Maximum thickness of the part


Bevelling range

At 22.5° - 15 mm, at 55° 8 mm

We perform bevelling mechanically as well as thermally. For mechanical bevelling we use GULLCO KBM18 and TruTool TKF 1500 machines. Thermal bevelling is performed on oxy-fuel and plasma cutting machines.